Do you work in a marketing role for a brand or high-profile organisation? Public speaking is an incredible way to raise your profile, enhance your career prospects and gain a reputation as a respected expert in your field…

If you’re looking for public speaking opportunities in front of audiences interested in your field of expertise, we’d love to speak to you…

How does public speaking benefit you?

Public speaking is the most powerful form of networking there is. Attend a networking event and you might find yourself chatting to three or four people. Be a speaker at one though, and everyone in the room knows who you are, listens intently to every word you say – and remembers you long in to the future.

  • Public speaking gives you instant credibility. Simply standing in front of an audience earns you respect and credibility as an expert
  • It raises your profile and gets you known and remembered by your audience
  • It helps you win new business. You have a captive audience, to which you can demonstrate your expertise
  • It opens new career opportunities: Speaking in front of the right people massively increases your network and gets you noticed by potential employers

How can we help?

Advantec is a digital agency that runs numerous events across London and the South of England, all aimed at attracting audiences of senior business and marketing people. Our best events are those where guest speakers come and tell their stories or impart their advice to our audiences. Our audiences get a unique perspective from an industry expert and our guest speakers get superb exposure, publicity and networking opportunities.

Types of event and audiences

We run upwards of 30 events per year in locations around London and Hampshire, attracting audiences from 10 to 100 people, depending on the nature of event and its location…

Digital Briefing events

These are our evening seminar and networking events. Aimed at people working in senior management and marketing positions, they combine informal networking, free food and drinks with an educational, informative talk from a guest speaker.

Audiences range in size from 30 to 100 guests who are all looking to learn about marketing subjects while meeting and networking with their peers.

Half-day training workshops

These are more formal learning events, aimed at smaller audiences of 10 to 30 people. They are typically structured, educational workshops where marketing people come to improve their knowledge on subjects like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, conversion optimisation, Google Analytics – or any other specialist topics relating to digital marketing.

Digital Leaders Networking Dinners

These are our premium events reserved for senior brand marketing people. We’ll lay on a three course dinner at a stunning, luxury venue in London. Attendees are carefully selected to represent the highest possible calibre of senior marketing and business people. Typically between 10 and 20 guests will enjoy a lavish free meal and drinks at a top venue, followed by an educational or entertaining after-dinner talk by a guest speaker.

Past venues have included the Shard, the Savoy, the Gherkin and the Ivy.

Annual digital conference

We’re currently arranging an annual conference, assembling a list of speakers from around the world to give presentations to an expected audience of 250+ guests at a stadium venue in Hampshire.

Past speakers

At our past events, we’ve welcomed guest speakers like…

  • Former Marketing Director of Microsoft
  • E-commerce Director from Marks & Spencer
  • Brand Marketer from Marks & Spencer
  • Head of Social Media from
  • Former Online Communities manager of Pop Idol TV show
  • Head of Advertising Research at Channel 4

Interested in becoming a guest speaker for our next events?

We’re looking for people with an interesting story to tell that relates to anyone interested in marketing or digital. We can tailor our events and audiences to you – potentially creating an event around you and your specialist subject and your availability.

When we meet potential speakers who will be engaging and interesting to our event audiences, we don’t need to wait for the next available slot, we can arrange an event and attract an audience specifically for you to speak to.

If you’d rather speak to a smaller, intimate audience, we can limit numbers to suit you. If you’re looking for the biggest possible crowd, we can put you on the bill of our most-popular events.

Get in touch!

Email our Managing Director, Andrew Brittain at

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