Jocelyn is our Marketing and New Business Executive, responsible for Advantec’s own marketing activity and event organising. Having worked here for a couple of months now and had the chance to get her feet under the table, we quizzed her on her typical working day to find out what she gets up to…

Jocelyn completed a Level 3 apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and has a degree in English Language. Jocelyn then went on to work as a Social Media and Website Content Coordinator before we snapped her up!

Like most of us here at Advantec, Jocelyn’s day is never set in stone: Over to Jocelyn…

06:00: I seem to always wake up before my alarm actually ever goes off. I’m a ‘morning person’ so waking up early has never bothered me. First things first: I’ll feed the cats and the fish and do a quick tidy up in the kitchen. Quick hop in the shower and that’s my day started, I don’t drink any hot drinks (yes they all at Advantec think I’m weird too!), so for me fresh air and a hot shower wakes me up.

08:15: It’s great having flexi-time at Advantec; it means realistically I will never be early or late again! Not got much sleep? No problem. I’ll go in an hour later! Like I said, I’m a morning person so usually I’ll arrive just after 8am.

08:20: Generally there’s a lot to think about in the morning. Like everyone else who works in an office, it always starts with a quick catch up on emails that have come in overnight. I sign up to a lot of digital marketing blogs and register for a lot of events so generally it’s a plethora of those. I work very closely with the digital marketing team and our Managing Director, Andrew so there’s always work emails or Slack (our internal comms system) messages I need to catch up on and of course reply to!

08:45: When I joined Advantec our social media platforms were handed over to me. Our social media needed a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and some fresh content. I’ll always catch up on Advantec’s social media notifications; most of them come from Twitter or LinkedIn. I’m always responsive to people who endorse or contact us on social media.

09:15: I manage our CRM system which, which shows us the status of each potential new client and what actions need to be taken that day or in that week. Our Client Services Director, Kevin, is heavily involved here too so usually we have a quick catch up. After that I will take a look at our marketing content calendar. This was devised in-house and shows us exactly what needs doing that day/week (for example writing a blog that week or attending an event). It helps gives us an all-round overview. After looking at the content calendar and CRM I can write up tasks for the week, prioritising by importance.

10:00: Marketing meeting with Andrew Brittain (sorry can’t spill the details of this)!

11:15: Every couple of days I will work on production of our next email newsletter, constantly editing it to keep up with the time. There’s always a new blog that’s been uploaded or there’s company news that needs adding to our website. When necessary, I will write up new company news for that month, week or day. As a marketing executive, I always seem to acquire new emails from people interested in our services or interested in our events. Daily, I will segment the data we have for the newsletter, adding and updating contacts.

13:00: Lunch time! Emma, our Senior Content Marketer, likes to say I have “tropical foods” for lunch but it’s generally whatever is in the cupboard at home! Cous cous with tuna, followed by mango for dessert usually does the trick!

13:30: After lunch I will generally check the status of all the blogs that are being written, when completed upload to the website and to our social media sites. This happens weekly but when it does it takes some time, we need to make sure we are reaching a suitable audience and making the blog and the social media posts engaging. Generally for every blog, I will create a sponsored post on Facebook and/or LinkedIn to reach people outside the ‘usual’ promoters.

14:45: I like events; I was in charge of running in-house and external events in my last job. I wanted to do something similar in this new role too and luckily Advantec needed someone to do just that! Three times a week I enquire into any digital marketing/ecommerce events I think would be of interest to myself and the rest of the team here, then I will add these to our event schedule for the year.

We also run our own events, for example, seminars about a specific current topic (such as ecommerce future trends). To gauge interest in our event from business owners or heads of marketing I will conduct LinkedIn searches for possible event speakers for our upcoming event and InMail through LinkedIn that individual to ask if they would be interested. I’ve had a pretty great response recently and it’s my job to organise the whole event (this keeps me very busy)!

16:30: Final catch up on any emails I may have missed during the day and then home time!

Outside work I spend most of my free time at my beach hut on Mudeford Spit, Christchurch.


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