Emma is our new Senior Content Marketer – our resident northerner, having recently moved down from Preston, Lancashire, and can’t seem to get used to being woken up by fog horns and seagulls!

Emma has a combined BA Hons degree in Journalism and Film & Media and after gaining this, went on to do PR & Marketing and became a Digital Marketing Executive. Emma realised she loves all things digital and marketing, but specifically content creation (which is why we are lucky to have her)!

We have a fortnightly sausage/bacon bap day and Emma likes to call them bacon ‘barms’! We think she’s barmy… Like most of us at Advantec, Emma’s day is never set in stone: Over to Emma…

06:59: I’m always pretty busy in the mornings, so breakfast is almost always off the cards. Sometimes I’ll make a smoothie to go or grab a banana (pretty standard for most people I assume)?! And I don’t leave the house without my cashew nuts at the ready! I *try* to restrict myself to one cup of coffee a day in the mornings and then I’m a green tea drinker throughout the day, my favourite flavour is TeaPig’s Morrocan Mint, but I like Mango & Lychee too…

08:00: When I arrive at Advantec I usually have more emails than I can ever imagine! I’ll always check them over, making sure I’m keeping up to date on what I may have missed the evening before, I love receiving newsletters and keeping up to date on marketing and tech news to make sure i’m not missing out on anything.

08:20: After emails, I’ll check our clients’ Facebook pages for any messages, likes or posts that again I may have missed, just to be sure nothing has happened and all of our scheduled posts have been posted at the right time and on the right social media platform!

09:00: Strategies, planning and brainstorming for clients is a very large part of my role here at Advantec. Recently I’ve been working on creating content for landing pages for Krispy Kreme (there’s a lovely Valentine’s one)! But as I’ve recently started here, I’m mostly working on getting content strategies in place for existing clients that can benefit from different aspects or a ‘fresh pair of eyes’.

11:00: Curating and scheduling social media content is also high on my list, it just means that I can have a schedule in place when the clients want to know what our next plans are, using Buffer as a tool for Twitter and taking advantage of the new features Facebook’s scheduling tools have given us, such as product tags etc.

For the past week I have mostly been working on Electrical Showroom’s social media campaigns, and working on a wider content strategy to complement it. The social media campaign has really taken off in terms of our aim: to increase likes and engagement across Electrical Showroom’s Facebook. The rules of the competition: the individual has firstly got to like Electrical Showroom’s Facebook page then very simply comment on the Facebook competition post with a photo of their pet. This is fabulous because everyday I get to see individuals uploading pictures of their pets, so this really is my dream job!

13:00: Quick lunch, usually sweet potato, avocado and some sort of fish accompaniment! I realise I look very healthy, but the truth is during this time of year, I eat at least three Cadbury Creme Eggs a day…

13:30: After lunch I will check if there is anything I need to reply to via email or via Slack (our internal comms system) before I move on to more client work and meetings.

14:00: Meeting times vary throughout the day but 2pm seems to be a popular one for our clients. As it is the beginning of a new year, myself, the rest of the marketing team and our client will have a meeting to discuss everything that happened the previous year. For example giving our clients an overview of what strategies were put in place (how they were followed through), what content was created (what engagement this had), how their PPC is performing and how their SEO has improved to drive traffic.

15:00: I may be a content manager but I am also heavily involved with overseeing client work from the other members in the digital marketing team. I create landing page content for clients, I proofread content for our own website and content for client blogs, social media, Adwords etc. I will also look at client PPC content, reporting upon what works and what can be improved upon; I also do the same for clients’ SEO. This of course keeps me very busy, we have a lot of great clients and we like to be thorough in our work!

16:30: One final look at our clients’ social media and my emails and time for the drive home along the sea front!

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