Alpha Labs

Helping this medical supplies business integrate multiple systems with a new B2B Magento ecommerce site

What we solved...

  • Design & Interface
  • Platforms & Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Integration & Programming

The challenge

Complex B2B ecommerce account rules and multiple systems integrations

Alpha Labs' old website couldn’t sell online because of their complex trade account rules, with different discount structures and pricing rules for individual customers, all driven by their Sage 50 system.

The manual work needed to keep thousands of customer and stock data records in synch between three separate systems also made maintaining their site virtually impossible for them. It all needed simplifying and automating...

Our solution

Integrated, automated B2B ecommerce


Simplifying complex B2B account rules

We designed and built a new ecommerce site using Magento, which has powerful B2B trade account functionality, enabling Alpha to sell thousands of different products to different trade customers with custom pricing set by their Sage 50 system.

The site now integrates with three software systems: Sage, Salesforce & SalesLogix. Customer, product and order data now flows automatically between the website and Alpha Labs’ accounts, marketing and CRM systems.

Because of the complexities of all their customers’ different pricing and discount rules, Alpha Labs were seriously hampered when it came to ecommerce. The website we built for them opened up a brand new sales channel for them, at the same time automating their previously complex workflow, making sales, marketing and finance teams’ lives easier.


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