LinkedIn recently turned 15, the pinnacle of our teenage years. But, whilst we were drinking whatever cheap cider we could get our hands on in the park at that age; LinkedIn stayed at home, and it’s top of the class.

Growing as a company like never before, the social network is developing tools and technology to not only help individuals with their careers but also creating social technology that helps build effective relationships between businesses for improved sales performance.

“While the world of work has evolved immensely — be it the tools and products we use, the ways we communicate, and even the jobs themselves — our need to connect with one another to be productive in our careers remains at the core of all we do.” – LinkedIn

Traditional sales methods just don’t work anymore. The days of cold calling are long gone, as the level of research undertaken by buyers increases daily. As a social network with over 560 million users in more than 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is a sales tool that can be used by businesses globally to reach the right customers for their brand.  

According to research from LinkedIn, 91% of sales professionals say that they are using sales technology to shorten lengthy sales cycles, close bigger deals and grow their revenue. Top performing salespeople are more likely to use a multi-layered technology-first approach to leverage sales intelligence tools for deeper research, But, what can LinkedIn really do for your sales? And can it help all businesses? Discover how to use LinkedIn as a sales tool.


Designing a profile that works

Whether you’re building a profile for your business, or for individuals within your business you have to be mindful of how this looks to outsiders. Is all of the information on your profile relevant? Build your business profile that answers questions,

Once you have set up a profile that has the right look and feel for your business on LinkedIn, join in the conversation. You can take part in LinkedIn groups, or even create your own and invite your peers to join in a discussion with your business. Building relationships is an effective way to encourage business growth. Loyalty to your brand is important to ensure people trust you and the service or product you are providing, that’s why LinkedIn really can work for most businesses.


Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator on LinkedIn helps you find leads and close deals, It provides sales data for effective selling, allowing you to stay informed and up to date on your accounts, providing an opportunity to build lists and keep your notes in an easily accessible place for your entire team.

Turn cold calls in to warm leads

Cold calling is out, building long-lasting relationships are in. Sales technology has the potential to build leads that actually go somewhere. Advertising on LinkedIn can be expensive, but when it’s done right it has the potential to grow your business like never before. LinkedIn is a social media platform that offers an engaged audience who are looking to connect with people who can help, meaning that there is already an audience ready and waiting,

You can take a tour of Sales Navigator and find out if it’s right for you here.


LinkedIn Pulse

As we mentioned earlier, people love to get as much information on products, services and, more importantly, companies that they are potentially going to be working with, That’s why LinkedIn Pulse has become an important part of a lot of content marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C.

The expansive reach of LinkedIn means that your content can reach the right customers at the right time. Using creative sessions within your business to build a content strategy that will focus on engaging, educating and informing your customers will work wonders across LinkedIn Pulse, and other platforms, to attract a loyal base and to re engage returning customers.


Emma Thompson – Content Manager
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