In 2015, Magento officially released Magento 2 – a complete re-build and update of its ecommerce platform.

Unlike typical Magento ‘updates’, which are provided as patches to be installed in your CMS, Magento 2 is an entirely new platform based on a new framework and technology.

“Upgrading” from Magento 1 to version 2 can’t be done by installing an update – it requires re-building your site from scratch on the new system.

How long can you still use Magento 1 for?

When Magento 2 was first released, Magento said they’d stop supporting version 1 in November 2018. This caused some panic among merchants and developers so Magento abandoned this ‘end of life’ date, announcing instead that support would continue until further notice.

Magento have since announced the end of life date as June 2020.

After Magento stops supporting version 1, you can still technically continue using it – but it will not receive future security updates, meaning Magento 1 stores will become vulnerable to security breaches, which will no longer be continually patched, as happens at present.

Why should you move to Magento 2


The most obvious and important reason is security.

Magento 1 will still work in future, but the updates which keep it secure will stop.

Hackers and cyber-criminals crawl the web automatically for sites running on outdated platforms with security holes.

Magento guards against them with their frequent security updates, which will stop for Magento 1 at the ‘end of life’ date, leaving all Magento 1 sites vulnerable.

New Features

On a more positive note, Magento 2 includes numerous improvements – both for your customers and you as the CMS user.

These include a more user-friendly admin area, an improved checkout process, enhancements to speed and load times, easier bulk-editing and upload of products in the CMS, automatic image optimisation, product video options – and much more.

Magento 2 is a big leap forward in usability and user experience both for you as the merchant and for your customers.

The upgrade and development path for Magento 1 has reached its end and Magento is making no further improvements or new features for version 1.

All ongoing development and new features are happening on Magento 2,

An opportunity to refresh and renew your site

Although you may not relish the thought of having to rebuild your site in order to keep it up to date, it does at least present an opportunity for a refresh and update; an opportunity to update the design and layout, build in new features and implement improvements based on what you’ve learned while operating your Magento 1 site.

When should you migrage to v.2

The choice is obviously completely yours but our advice – and a general consensus around the Magento community – is that it’s something you should definitely be looking at starting now.

The demand for Magento developers is already exceptionally high and, with so many merchants now looking to upgrade before the deadline date, this is only increasing.

Projects of this nature are generally far smoother and happier for everyone involved when there’s not a clock ticking down to a hard deadline and a major clamour amongst multiple clients for limited agency resources.

How we can help

Advantec specialises in Magento development, with an in-house team of Magento-certified developers in our offices in Southampton and London.

If you’d like to have a chat about your options and how we might be able to support you moving forward with Magento 2, give us a call any time

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