Insight into your AdWords account from the experts...

What are Advantec’s Google AdWords Surgeries?

Simple: A free AdWords account review session with one of our AdWords qualified PPC specialists.

Google AdWords can be an incredibly effective and a highly profitable marketing channel but if it’s not being properly, efficiently managed you can easily find yourself missing out on revenue or spending more on click costs than you’re earning in profit.

Why do we run them?

We see many AdWords accounts that have been poorly managed and which have lost clients money and we hate it! There’s so much potential to generate serious¬†profit with a well-structured and managed AdWords account – and we want to help make sure you’re not missing out.

What our surgery includes…

Spend an hour with one of our AdWords specialists, in-person at our offices, and we’ll go through your entire AdWords account together with you.

We’ll audit and review it together, showing you what’s working well and what could do with a little TLC – and of course, how to fix it and to gain a greater understanding about your AdWords campaigns.

Any agency can review an AdWords account remotely and write you a typical, generic report. We prefer to take a more in-depth, personal approach, where we can physically show and talk you through how to improve your AdWords performance and where things might have not been done right in the past.

Come and see us, sit down for an hour with our AdWords expert and get a detailed audit of your AdWords performance completely free of charge.


There’s no catch or obligation. Obviously, if you felt like exploring how we might be able to help you with your digital marketing in future, we would love that, but you’re free to take our recommendations away and do with them whatever you’d like afterwards – no obligation, no pressure.

How do I book?

Just email and we’ll pick a date and time together that suits you.