An overview

Advantec have teamed up with Flavourfy to bring you all the information you need on GDPR and answer your all-important questions, which perhaps others haven't been able to.

Come to our next event and learn how will GDPR will affect you and your organisation.

What Will I Learn?

The Information Commissioner describes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as “the biggest change to data protection law for a generation”.

The changes the GDPR introduces this year will impact businesses of all sizes and when it comes to doing business online, it introduces a new set of requirements about how digital marketing data is collected and used.

Join this joint Advantec and Flavourfy Digital (Mark Gracey) event to find out about the GDPR, what it could mean for your ecommerce or digital marketing strategies and what to do to prepare yourself for when the Regulation becomes law in May 2018.

The Agenda:

  • Introduction to data protection
  • Introduction to the GDPR changes
  • The relationship between data protection and privacy regulations
  • A look at the consent rules
  • The Data Controller – Data Processor relationship
  • What compliance looks like

Who Is Mark Gracey?

Mark Gracey began working in the internet industry in the mid-90s when he joined Demon Internet to set up their commercial web sales and support team; this was the early days of the web: before WordPress, before Google, before social media.

From there Mark set up one of the UK’s first network abuse team which led to a fifteen-year career in internet regulation dealing with everything from internet content liability to data protection and police liaison. Responsible for ensuring internal compliance and influencing external stakeholders he’s worked with the government, law enforcement and advised the House of Lords on internet policy matters as well as influencing the outcomes of a number of pieces of legislation, chairing the national ISP trade body, ISPA, and sitting on the board of the Internet Watch Foundation.

Mark has a Computer Science Degree (BSc Hons) and a Masters Degree (LLM) in Computer and Communications Law and has worked at businesses like Demon Internet, THUS plc, Cable&Wireless and Vodafone.

Who Are Flavourfy?

In June 2014 Mark set up Flavourfy Digital, a digital strategy consultancy which focuses on data protection, privacy and marketing Compliance and data security Flavourfy Digital offers everything from GDPR audits, data protection consultancy and compliance to website security and digital marketing advice and guidance. In 2017 Flavourfy Digital launched the Digital Compliance Hub an online resource to help businesses meet their online compliance needs.


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