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This masterclass is perfect for anyone in any industry. We'll show you how to make Content, SEO and Digital PR genuinely valuable business assets.

Advantec have partnered with Authority Communications to bring you our Future of Search Marketing Masterclass

If you want to be seen in more places, and earn more sales then join us for our Future of Search Marketing Masterclass on the 6th of November, 2018. You’ll learn from the experts and come away with tips you can put into action immediately.

This workshop will teach you how to create incredible content/ideas for your brand that you can implement straight away.


9.30 – SEO Past, Present and Future

We’ll start out by dispelling some myths about SEO – with a particular focus on the things that used to work, but don’t anymore.

When done correctly, SEO has always remained much the same (with a few important changes in recent years).

The one part which is ever-changing, and is more important than ever is high authority backlinks.


10.15 – When is a link not a link?

Here, we discuss how to measure the value of links, and why a high-value link can be worth dozens of low-value links.

We’ll get a little technical, but it will help us to understand how Google works, and how we can tune our activity accordingly.


10.45 – Where do links come from?

In this section, we’ll run through all the ways people use to earn links.

We’ll discuss different approaches to content marketing, as well as best practices for promoting your brand to journalists and bloggers.

Some popular methods are good, some are great, some are outright awful – but we need to know what really works in order to get our strategy in order.

We’ll also be ruling out many link-building techniques which used to work, but don’t anymore – and thinking about how things will change in the coming years.


11.15 – Links in action

Here, we’ll run through several case studies of real-world link-building campaigns (some of our own, and some major campaigns by the big players in marketing).

We’ll cover:

  • How do you win links in a boring industry?
  • How do you win links in a very competitive niche?
  • What happens when you get it wrong


12.00 – Lunch and networking

A short break to enjoy some refreshments and chat to fellow-attendees.


12.30 – Ideas workshop

We’ll finish up with a workshop to come up with some creative ideas that you can use to earn links today.

Regardless of your industry, you’ll come away with something you can put into place immediately.


Joe Shervell:
Head of Growth (Authority Communications)

Matthew Sawyer:
Head of SEO (Datadial)


Anyone with an interest in Digital Marketing (specifically Content Marketing, SEO, PR and Linkbuilding):

  • Marketing professionals
  • Social media gurus
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Advertising professionals
  • Journalists
  • Bloggers/vloggers


Authority Communications have over 20 years of experience in Online Marketing and Digital PR.

We specialise in earning high-authority, high-value links that allow our SME clients to compete with their better-known, better-funded rivals.

We have worked with a huge variety of online businesses, and boast long and fruitful working relationships with many, having helped them grow their businesses by helping them to find a wider audience online.

From bed shops to motor museums, safaris and more – we understand the needs of your business and can help you to drive sales.

Above all, learn how to turn Digital PR into a genuinely valuable business asset, and the strategies we use to get our clients featured in publications like these:

  • The Times
  • The Telegraph
  • Mail Online
  • BuzzFeed
  • Vogue
  • Business Insider
  • TimeOut
  • The Huffington Post

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Future Of Search Marketing Masterclass


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